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Yoyo Effect of Dieting

Yo yo’s aren’t just toys for children.

A lot of diets cause that yoyo effect, don’t they?

Yes, but so? A friend has only dropped by jogging over 40 kg and now for 11 years they have reached their ideal weight.

Without starving, no diet, normal eating.  All he did was low c1000 calorie dietarb dieting.

With every diet you can potentially also get the yo-yo effect.

Who’s already going to do the Skinny Bitch diet? Hardly anyone. If you diet you’re going to get hungry.

You then took a lot of fat and some muscle mass. Then you eat normally again.

What is happening?

The fat comes back, usually even more than como bajar de peso - onlinebefore.

The muscle mass is only partly recovered, the rest is replaced by fat.

Now you have more weight and a higher fat content. And it lacks muscle mass, which burns fat permanently.

2.) Control studies with 2 groups show that in a group that simply did nothing, the weight after two years on average shows better than in groups with such diets / dietary changes.

sistema venus - website3.) Also no KH in the evening is controversial according to recent studies: says: “Our results show that the carbohydrate-on-evening Method for people who have diabetes websitefailed on a diet so far, the better alternative is to lose weight in the long term. “

4.) Also, in an article,” Sport can prevent Jojo effect “and comes to the conclusion : “Conclusion: whoever moves escapes the Jojo trap”

I wish you good luck and success.